Stage Right, Studio for Arts and Wellness, LLC has been designed to bring a new element to northern Rhode Island and surrounding communities. Its primary function is to serve as a place where all people can express themselves in all forms of art. This unique space is also meant to give people the opportunity to perform and entertain small audiences in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Classes in theater arts, dance, yoga, spirituality etc. are offered on a regular basis. Stage Right was created with love by its founder, Connie Anderson, as a result of her passion for theater arts, her desire to bring happiness and laughter to all and to share her deep spiritual connection with the Divine.










6 pm - Zumba

with Connie Anderson

7:15 pm - Zumba

with Dr Cathy Picard


6 pm - Zumba

with Grant Lepine

7:15 pm - Pilates Fusion

David Charette, personal trainer


5:30 pm - Yoga

with Alice Fromich

7 pm - Zumba

with Carol Bouchard


9:30 am - Zumba

with Connie Anderson


9:30 am - Amrit Yoga

with 13 Turtles


Express Yourself.

It is because of my Faith in God and the beautiful dreams that have guided me to this stage in my life. This journey has been filled with many bumps in the road, but that’s all they are . . . bumps. The love and support that I have received and continue to receive from the patrons that come to Stage Right is the shot in the arm that keeps me motivated and assures me that this is my true path.


Photo courtesy of Judith Potter from her book:

A Feminine Touch: Women Working in Woonsocket